No Title Needed

Junk Cars Bought – No Title Needed!

When it’s time to recycle that old junker and the title is not available, there is a way out.

Your car must be at least 9 years old, and less than 5,000 in value.

As a Licensed Vehicle Remover, the DMV allows us to recycle your vehicle. Not repair or resale…Recycle Only. This does not release you from any monetary issues you may have pertaining to said vehicle. That means if you owe the bank or a payday loan, you still are responsible for that note. But we can take the car to a salvage recycler and have the vehicle removed from your name at DMV and release you from future taxes.

BEWARE if someone doesn`t show you their Removal License you may be asking for trouble. Trust a Licensed Vehicle Remover with 26 years of experience to handle your paperwork, as well as tow that junker away. Call Us First!