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Junk Car Removal in Richmond, VA

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  • Top Dollar Paid For Your Junk Car!
  • No Title Needed (We Do The Paperwork)!
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  • Avoid Future Personal Property Taxes!

It is important now days to recycle your auto with a reputable company for many reasons, here are just a few. Lots of companies don’t have the proper license to do the job legally.

Always make sure you use a Licensed Vehicle Removal Operator. That way you know that they have what DMV requires to do the job.

So many people sell their car to the highest bidder, “Trust Me” money means a lot, but when you get that tax bill the next year, or even worst you car winds up back on the street and STILL IN YOUR NAME! You’re gonna wish you called us.

We never repair or resell – we only RECYCLE. Our main goal is to get that vehicle out of your name and protect you identity, might as well have it “Done Right”………..Call Us Now!

We Buy Junk Cars!

Top Dollar Paid!

No Title Needed!

We Do the Paperwork!

Avoid Unwanted Taxes!

Same Day Service!

We get there FAST!