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Buying Junk Cars in Richmond, VA

We are currently buying junk cars in Richmond, VA.
We’ll ask you some questions about your car or truck such as its year, make, model. Next, tell us about the condition of the vehicle high mileage vehicles are fine, and what kind of documentation you have. If you’re trying to recycle your junk car for with no title in Richmond area, we may be able to help you with that!
We’ll make you an instant offer for your junk car in Richmond area.
We Buy Junk Cars!

R&R Towing will make you an instant offer on your vehicle. That’s right, in most cases you’ll get an offer right here, right now! We understand that we live in a world that expects instant gratification, so we buy junk cars in Richmond area fast. Many other car buyers simply collect your information and might get back to you in a few days with an offer, if they ever get back to you at all. If for some reason we can’t make you the best offer we will tell who will.

We always strive to make you the fairest and highest offers and pay top dollar for your scrap car or truck whenever possible. R&R Towing only works with reliable, experienced, and professional velicle removers to make sure you have the smoothest, fastest, and reliable service possible. We have great, modern customer service and let you choose how we get in touch with you including phone, email, and text message. We never, ever sell your information to or send you promotional material. We’re by the book.
Get an instant offer on your car right away!
Will I be paid in cash or check?
We pay with our Company  Business check BB&T Bank right here in Richmond, VA. Thirty (30) years of service and haven`t bounced one yet! Beware of company’s who pay in cash. DMV wants a paper trail on all auto transactions  and IRS tends to frown on cash transactions as well.

What happens to my junk vehicle once I sell it for cash?
We always use local recyclers here in Richmond Va and recycle GREEN…
A: We here at Cash Car Buyers are interested in purchasing any vehicle no matter how old it is. We buy foreign, domestic, old, running, not running, newer, body damage, rusted, flood damage, roll over, fire damage, and the list goes on and on.
Q: Will you still take my car even if it isn’t running or dead on the road?
A: Absolutely! We purchase cars running or not.
Q: What if my car was in an crash?
A: We buy wrecked cars also.
Q: I can’t find the Certificate of Title to the car. Will you still recycle my car?
A: We have all the necessary paperwork. This varies from state to state, call for details.
Q: Will I make more money by donating my car to charity?
A: As of January 1, 2005, the donation laws changed quite a bit. You are now only able to deduct the amount that the vehicle is sold for by the charity.
Q: I want to sell my car to you. When can you come?
A: Right now! Just call R&R Towing to schedule an appointment.
Q: How long have you been doing this?
A: We have been buying cars continuously since 1988. We have purchased thousands of cars over 30 years of business.
Q: How much do you pay?
A: We have a local recycler database that we use to determine how much we can pay. We can give a price quote on your car or truck right away when you call us.
If you need help anywhere around Richmond area and have a junk car that you need to sell fast, then give us a call. We buy any and all cars or trucks no matter what is wrong with them. Running, not running, old, junk, scrap, whatever. Just call us now because we want to buy your car and send a tow truck to pick it up ASAP!
The process is very easy. Basically after we give you a quote on how much we will pay for your car, you have the option if you want to go with it or not. If you do want to go with it, we  will work out a good pickup time with you. You can schedule 7 days a week if you want.
Then a tow truck will be sent to meet with you at the vehicle for the time that you scheduled. They will come with payment, and the proper documents for you to sign. No worries on your part because tow truck driver will show you where you need to sign and walk you through the whole process. They will pay you for your vehicle the exact amount that was quoted to you over the phone. You never have to worry about any screwy business where we give you a high price over the phone, and then make up excuses when we see the car on why your car is worth alot less. NO WAY! with R&R Towing your vehicle will be removed after payment, and you are all done. We leave you standing with money, and free from your problem!

Call us now to see how much you can get for your junker. 804-745-8697

Did We Answer Your Questions?
If you have questions we haven’t answered about selling your car or truck call us. Still owe money on your car? If you have equity in it, we can buy it. Getting rid of an old car? We are ready to help. Got in a wreck and are left with a car that will never drive again? We buy trucks, vans, cars, SUVs as well as old cars and we even purchase vehicles with salvage title or major damage.
R&R Towing will Come To You and pick it up for free!
We are proud of our positive reviews over 80 and counting. We would like to talk to you and answer all questions, so give us a call. We will come to your home or work with all the paperwork ready to go, and you will end up with payment in hand, fast. We buy used cars and trucks in a flash!
Quick and “The Best” junk car removal in Richmond, Virginia!
If you choose to accept our instant offer, we’ll request a few additional details regarding pickup like the full name on the title or registration, address where the vehicle is located, vehicle identification number (VIN), and color. If you do not have a title for your car or it’s not issued by the state of Virginia let us know right away. For newer cars and trucks we may also request some photos to verify ownership.
When we have all the information we need, one of our friendly and professional drivers or auto recyclers will reach out to you to schedule a time for pickup. Most of our junk car buyers near we use in Richmond area are flexible with scheduling and always can do weekend pickups. We can usually have your car picked up and paid for right away and often pick up vehicles on the same day.  Please note that we always guarantee any specific day or time for removal. Towing and pickup is always free and there are zero hidden costs or fees to use R&R Towing service. Payment is issued by the tow truck driver in the form of  check right there on the spot. There really is no easier or faster way to sell your junk car.

Give us a call. 804-745-TOWS

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