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When recycling junk cars there are things to consider to keep yourself out of trouble with DMV and property taxes.

First always be sure to use a licensed vehicle remover. What this means is this company has qualified with DMV to be able to recycle vehicles. Once we have picked up the vehicle we are not allowed to repair it or resell it. We are required to process this vehicle by DMV guidelines so you will avoid any future property taxes, also you don’t want to find out someone you don’t know or never heard of is driving a car without insurance in your name.

Richmond Junk Car RemovalNever hesitate to ask to see the vehicle removal license (VRL) as well as any driver who takes possession of your title is required to carry an authorization permit from the Department of Criminal Justice (DCJ). This permit means that the DCJ has done background checks as well as fingerprinted this driver to prove him to be honest and legitimate in performing the tasks required to handle your personal information in this case your title as well as drive the tow truck. We are required by law to carry this license and permit with us at all times and so does any other company.

Before you sell your junk car – Never hesitate to ask to see these credentials!

When handing over your title be sure to sign it correctly and the driver as well should sign that title and stamp it with the company letterhead and put the VRL license number at the bottom on the front . If you are smart you will take a picture of the title once this is done. Also the VRL number is required on the receipt that the driver will leave with you and be sure that the receipt is marked clearly that he has taken the car recycling only.

How to get cash for my junk car in Richmond.Note: if you use someone who is not licensed by DMV you take a chance on not only paying property taxes always and forever as well as God forbid if that car turns up back on the street look for a letter of suspension in your mailbox soon! Unfortunately this happens quite often when people use someone who has not been approved for a VRL picks up and sells your car to someone unknown and they drive it and get caught riding dirty. And you suffer the consequences in this case suspension of your operator’s license. Not to mention the first thing you have to do is go buy your junk car back out of impound. Then your required to pay the uninsured motorist fee at DMV as well as reinstatement fees as well as get ready for this sign up for SR22 for at least 3 years for having a vehicle on the road with no insurance. Sounds kind of crazy doesn’t it, because it is!

It is crazy to use someone unlicensed without the proper credentials. DMV puts these guidelines in place for a reason and it is up to us to have knowledge of these guidelines and follow them. You have been warned…..

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