Avoid Unwanted Taxes

Make Sure Your Junk Car Doesn’t Cost More in Taxes

As we all know taxes are a part of life. Nobody likes taxes but “Uncle Sam”! It’s bad enough that we all have to pay them, but why pay taxes on an old junk car that doesn’t run anymore? Or even worse, paying taxes on a junk car you sold to somebody, and your still getting a tax bill. Sound familiar?

Over the years you wouldn’t believe how many people I have spoke with that have had just this happen to them. They get rid of a junk car, (of course to the highest bidder) and they find out at tax time, they have a personal property tax bill for that car. Now what to do, call that guy you sold it to, but that won’t work because his phone has been disconnected.

DMV is not gonna let you off the hook, they want proof of where the car is. So now your stuck paying a tax bill for a junk car that is long gone! So that “Highest Bidder” perhaps sold your car, and it’s still out on the street somewhere. And then you get a “Certified Letter” that the car is in some other tow company’s hands, and because you’re the last registered owner it all comes back to you! How about that, it did wind-up back on the street.

Think this sounds a little crazy? It happens every day! And for that extra $25 dollars you made from the “Highest Bidder” you are officially screwed. All of this need not happen. I can’t outbid that guy you sold it to, to start with, because he knew he was gonna resell your car all along. That’s why he paid you more.

I only recycle your junk car, never repair or resell. My main goal is to protect your identity and have that car removed from your name ASAP. Also, I leave you with a receipt that I have taken your junk car for recycling purpose¬†only and I take full responsibility for that auto when it leaves your possession. Don’t rely on “Mr. Highest Bidder” to do the right thing…. Avoid troubles Call Us First!