What is your car worth?

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What is your car worth?

Sometimes it can be quite confusing to try to figure out what your junk car is worth. Different recyclers judge value of vehicles in many different ways. One of the ways is scrap weight, the actual weight of the vehicle compared to the going price of steel at that particular time. Another way recyclers judge value is the year that the vehicle was built. For instance a 1992 year make of vehicle is going to be worth less money then a 2002. Trucks and vans are worth a little more than automobiles.

Junk Car Towing in Richmond | R&R Towing of Richmond
Old broken abandoned rusty retro car, a Soviet car

Also there’s a big misconception that the value of a junk vehicle depends on whether it’s running or not. We as licensed vehicle removers (LVR) don’t care whether the vehicle is running or not because we are not allowed to repair it or resell it. We must protect you by removing it from your name at DMV as soon as possible so it doesn’t wind up back on the street. If you speak with an alleged recycler and they are concerned what whether the vehicle is running or not that should be a RED FLAG  for you, beware they may be trying to resell your car which will put your identity and your driving privileges in jeopardy.

Okay with all that been said what it really boils down to is what “our” local recycler is willing to pay for a complete auto, regardless of its weight or the year it was built. Again  trucks, work vans  and SUVs pay a little more. The major recycler here in Richmond that we use pays us a flat fee for a vehicle and we do the same for you. That means you’re going to be treated the same. May not sound fair but when it all goes into the crusher and is measured by scale weight the crusher can’t tell whether it’s Junk or Jaguar?

Above I mentioned the price of steel and what goes in the crusher and that price is what makes our local recycler determine what they’re going to pay us for your vehicle again regardless of weight or year built. Prices will change from time to time but as of late the price of steel has hovered around $5 per hundred pounds. So you can do the math if you’ll car weighs 3000 lbs you’re looking at $150 if you could drive it to the scale. Again this is an example. So as you see there are a couple of ways to judge what’s your car is worth. And that will change from time to time as the steel prices go up and down.

A lot of recyclers won’t disclose what I have let you guys know about today but with us we feel that honesty is the best policy.

So the best thing to do is give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you the most competitive quote that we can for that day.